Austin, Texas based photographer Kevin Vandivier used his mom as a model for this shoot. The fear was genuine. When Vandivier stood up in the Ferris Wheel carriage at its pinnacle, MJ Vandivier literally freaked out with fear. The photo would go on to win a great award for Vandivier in Film Director Ron Howard’s Project Imagination Photography Competition. Vandivier’s winning photo also served as inspiration for Ron Howard and Eva Longoria to create a short film, which was premiered at Howards Project Imagination Film Festival in New York City late last Fall. Vandivier said ” This has been one of the highlights of my career. I’ve never been apart of anything like this. I mean how cool is it to see a film made based on one of your photos? The film was great. It’s amazing the direction they took with it. It totally worked! In fact, I’m so inspired, I’m going to start creating short films!” On that note, Stay tuned:) Vandivier is just one of a growing number of photographers at The Gathering of Photographers.